A Poem For Sujoy

[Sujoy is one of my best friends from College. We are friends since the second day of college. Friendship started during our daily trip in Cab –from home to college and back to home from college. I am happy to admit that the Cab Life was the best time of my college though I travelled for only first yr in cab…We were seven friends together and enjoyed every bit of the journey. Sujoy is a great person to be with. There are people who are just amazing and always in jolly mood, call it ‘Mast’ ; Sujoy is one of them. I had written this poem while I was in Second Year, Fourth Sem to be particular. I could not stop laughing while writing and when completed it, I just posted it on his FB wall (I existed on FB at that time but not anymore-I believe FB was never meant for me); that too on his Birthday. He was happy and so was I. So, here’s it- Sujoy. Happy Reading! ]

Sujoy Sujoy brings Joy,
PSP is one of his Toys.

Spreads happiness with his Face,
He listen songs with low Bass.

On TV watches Tom-n-Jerry,
And is now sending messages from his Blackberry.

He likes soccer and Liverpool is his favourite Team,
Now studying in FMT*- how water’s converted into Steam.

Sujoy’s a friend Dearest,
His house is next to Nearest.

Sujoy’s soft, Sujoy’s Cool,
Oh my dear! Winter’s over; pack up your Wool.

He’s studying Instrumentation**,
Nearest place to his house is Sector 10 Metro Station.
Yesterday he wore a Red Hat,
Doors will open on the left; Please mind the Gap.

Sujoy’s brave, Sujoy’s Hard,
Winning people’s heart-always on his Cards.

He’s the man, he’s Tough,
What attracts him is the FIFA Stuff.

Sujoy’s known for his good Deeds,
He’s my brother Indeed.

Friends are his electricity, himself a Fan,
Eats bread with white butter and Jam.

Wait for me, wait for me; don’t open the Frooti’s Can,
My class is over; open the door of the Van.

Mango is his beloved Fruit,
OMG! He’s so cute, he’s so Cute…

*FMT- Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics - A subject in the Curriculum of IP University.
**Instrumentation- Instrumentation and Control Engineering.


  1. 3 cheers to you , Chetan. It's seems more like a cliche when I say this but I haven't encountered someone as simple as you in perhaps my 4 years of college life. And now , as it is over , I wish you all the best in whatever you do , more recently the blog you've started. ALL THE BEST !

    1. Thank you Sujoy :) That's sweet! All the best to you as well. Cheers!


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