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No Blog Updates?

I always thought that my blog is either being read by silent intruders who come to look for the cartoons redirected by google or by the visitors redirected from my online portfolios, websites and my friend's blog where a few of my articles are published. But, in the last one month, surprisingly I have been asked by many people (I mean my readers) that why don't I write these days. Well, I love to write my experiences and poems but my priorities have changed a bit. I am not able to manage my time well enough to do the writing with academics. I have got at least three articles and three poems pending and the funny part is that the article from my engineering days due to which the blog was started hasn't been published yet :p I was supposed to put one poem on 1st Jan'15 but I just couldn't give the final edit :( and six months have passed since then.  Last Note: The blog is alive and I'll keep writing.