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How Beautiful Is She!

[This rhyme is quite old, was penned on 6/8/13. Wrote this a day before Promises To Keep. A pretty silly, romantic and long! Umm!]
How beautiful is she! Like splendid monsoon coupled with a cup of tea.

Her locks are moving down my face,
Like sea breeze moving in a haste.

Her eyes are deep that they pull me in,
Whirling the gyroscope of love, into a spin.

She's gorgeous in her pink top, My eyes are not blinking and heart beat stopped.
She makes me lay in her lap, With more of intimacy and little gap.
She flickers her fingers through my hair, Staring at me with a desperate glare.
Her eyes enchant the story of bliss, Tempting me to plant on her forehead, a lovely kiss.
She wants me to say something fair, I responded- I'll be there; to keep you happy is all I care.
When she's singing, she's the best, Like nightingale's sound from the nest.

She is whistling songs on the way,
I wish to hear them throughout the day.
Her hairs are black, brown and some golden, As shiny as silver molten.
Her gaze…

It Shall Be Over Soon

The money you earn and the money you spend,
Nothing is left when life comes to an end.

The anger you display, the revenge you seek,
Happiness is what you desire when life is about to end.

Do what your heart tells you to do,
So you do not regret for anything when life comes to an end.

You should forgive, you should forget, sour relationships you need to mend,
So you cherish all the people when your life comes to an end.

Express your love when your heart paces,
Tell her before your voice freezes,
This time won't be back, when life will come to an end.