How Beautiful Is She!

[This rhyme is quite old, was penned on 6/8/13. Wrote this a day before Promises To Keep. A pretty silly, romantic and long! Umm!]

How beautiful is she!
Like splendid monsoon coupled with a cup of tea.

Her locks are moving down my face,
Like sea breeze moving in a haste.

Her eyes are deep that they pull me in,
Whirling the gyroscope of love, into a spin.

She's gorgeous in her pink top,
My eyes are not blinking and heart beat stopped.

She makes me lay in her lap,
With more of intimacy and little gap.

She flickers her fingers through my hair,
Staring at me with a desperate glare.

Her eyes enchant the story of bliss,
Tempting me to plant on her forehead, a lovely kiss.

She wants me to say something fair,
I responded- I'll be there; to keep you happy is all I care.

When she's singing, she's the best,
Like nightingale's sound from the nest.

She is whistling songs on the way,
I wish to hear them throughout the day.

Her hairs are black, brown and some golden,
As shiny as silver molten.

Her gaze is strong to send me on cloud nine,
I wish, I wish, I could make her mine.

Love is beautiful, love is life,
She's my world, she's my smile.

My heart is pumping her thoughts into the blood,
Making me drown into the emotional flood.

My love is strong to sense her presence,
Be it empty street or garden full of flowery essence.

She came next night in a beautiful white gown,
Why did god make her so amazing to turn my world upside down?

Her shoes are tapping sound on the floor,
Whilst silence knocking my heart’s door.

She's too charming to resist,
I pull her closer holding her wrists.

Her hair looks even prettier when tied in a bun,
She's the brightest moon, she’s the sun.

My life seems to pause at her smile,
Splashing cheer like the river Nile.

She's my day, she's my night,
Sends me in euphoria in a fairy flight.

Without her around, moments pass like hours,
My patience is running out like water through a broken jar.

Imagine how life would be, without her glimpse to wash my eyes and see.
She's the soul for my body, like honey for a bee.

Lucky would be the person to have her in her life,
She would make the Universe's most beautiful wife.

She inspires me to work hard,
Looks superbly gorgeous in blue coloured nine yards.

Her mere presence makes me smile,
When she's not there, I become fragile.

She's the one prevailing in my mind,
The power of love is so divine.

When in trouble, you'll not have to ask for help or borrow,
I'll stand by you, be it the happier times or those of sorrow.

Wish she could become the woman of my life,
But the unfortunate part is- She's a dream of morning at five.

She never came close & I don't know how her touch would be,
But surely I can imagine what a heaven it would be.

I always ponder how beautiful she would be if she were for real,
Had she come across, I'd acrobats and aerial.


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