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Sleep Deprived

Today's is the new year eve. Though I was supposed to put up my poem today but...let it be! Anyway, today I mark it as the end of the worst and most hectic semester of my life. June'15 to Dec'15. Salute to Life! I call this semester worst not because some bad events occurred (there were no bad events as such) but because it was the most laborious time I ever had in my acad period. I have never been so much sleep deprived my whole life. Three days without sleep! Four days with 3hrs of sleep! Two days without sleeping had become so common that it used to happen every week! My body begged for sleep but I couldn't help it. Neither could I go to home every 2nd week like I used to go earlier. There were just too many things which kept me busy- major project, portfolio, placements, maruti workshop and miscellaneous stress causing events. To sum up, I slept for only 3-4 hours a day on an average these six months. And of course it brought more trouble; took toll on my health w…