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What Does My Food Preference Has To Do With Religion?

Food is healthy, whether you eat it or talk about it. While returning from IIT Bombay, on my journey to Delhi on August-Kranti Rajdhani, an incident happened when food actuated a political discussion. The man in his 40s seated opposite to me asked what a Jain-platter was pointing towards my plate which happened to be Jain. [I figured out the availability of Jain-platter on train last year while on my way to Ahmedabad on Swarna-Jayanti Rajdhani when my fellow passenger ordered it. I went there for the NID interviews.]
"It doesn't have onion!" I replied after swallowing.
After a while when we were finished eating, he tried to crack a conversation again, "Now you also have got reservation!"
"Sorry?" I said keeping my book (a Paulo Coelho's...) aside as if I heard something wrong.
"Jains have got reservation too," he said.
"I'm not a Jain! I'm Hindu!" I modulated my voice.
"Jains are also Hindus!" he said.

Collection Of Industrial Design Sketches

These are some of the links I referred to get inspiration while preparing for M.Des (Master Of Design). This collection contains some great works of many artists, tutorials for product sketching and much more one would need while preparing design portfolio as well as while learning to sketch. These would even help in cracking the design entrances (CEED, NID-DAT, etc.) plus their design aptitude tests (DATs). These links are randomly ordered.
To know more about Design in India:- (This link would give information about various design entrances, design colleges in India, etc.) (This link is the one-stop solution for the preparation of design entrances, DATs, interviews and more.)
Another link which speaks a lot about Design:-
Product/ Industrial Design sketching tutorials:- http…