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Portfolio Blunder

In order to send works to a company, I made my portfolio in just a day. That means, one year of M.Des work compiled and composed in one day :D Despite several rechecks, I didn't notice the silly spelling mistake :( Unfortunately that blunder went to the company.  Not only this, I had uploaded this portfolio on SlideShare, which resulted in 125 views within the same day from around the world except India (my own country). The funny part was, portfolio was trending there, lol and to add more fun, two UX magazines (from Japan and America) who liked my work had also tweeted the link of my portfolio :p Anyway, first professional portfolio, first blunder, first lesson. Up for it!

NID PGDPD DAT Question Papers 2013

Although it's quite late to upload these papers, I'm sharing the documents because till date, there ain't any previous year papers of NID Postgraduate Program available online.
I hope these help in understanding NID's thinking methodology. Though, one should not trust on the pattern of the paper because it keeps changing. Will upload 2014 paper as well. ________________________________

I gave this exam on 19th January 2013 and I still remember the day. The morning of exam day, I discovered that I was way too unwell, fever was so high that I couldn't walk and was almost fainted. I wanted to give exam because this was the exam which could fulfill my dream of becoming what I strived for. So, with the suggestion of my parents and myself being unable to lift even a leg, I decided to stay at home and rest. I laid back on my bed after taking …

When Is Your Birthday, Chetan?

This is an update to the previous post: Purpose Of Life
I really don't understand the concept of people celebrating their own birthdays though I've got really no problem with that and why would I have a problem either? I have not done anything remarkable after being born. Anyway, I believe, birthdays are always special for the parents and the people around who love the person who was born on the day. Birthdays mark the day of a child entering in the parents' world. It's the day for them to cherish, it marks the anniversary of their love for each other and the offspring which brought the contentment in their lives. So, I feel extremely odd when people around me ask for my birth-date so they could wish me on the day; I don't know how to react when people wish me with 'happy birthday' except for saying 'thank you.' I've got few relatives, few former colleagues of my mom, a few neighbours (old and new) and as I mentioned earlier: 3-4 friends who wis…