NID PGDPD DAT Question Papers 2013

Although it's quite late to upload these papers, I'm sharing the documents because till date, there ain't any previous year papers of NID Postgraduate Program available online.

I hope these help in understanding NID's thinking methodology. Though, one should not trust on the pattern of the paper because it keeps changing. Will upload 2014 paper as well.

I gave this exam on 19th January 2013 and I still remember the day. The morning of exam day, I discovered that I was way too unwell, fever was so high that I couldn't walk and was almost fainted. I wanted to give exam because this was the exam which could fulfill my dream of becoming what I strived for. So, with the suggestion of my parents and myself being unable to lift even a leg, I decided to stay at home and rest. I laid back on my bed after taking necessary breakfast and medicines. But, there was something else in my destiny, while laying on bed with eyes open, I felt the sudden urge to stand up, and from nowhere somehow, I got the energy not only to lift my leg but to run and get ready for the D-day. And all this happened just half an hour before the commencement of exam. But, it was my father who did the real job, he drove me to the exam centre, DPS Mathura Road within 30 minutes! A commendable job, I must say :)

But what next, I went to exam centre, it didn't mean that I had got well, I was still sick. Somehow, just managed to keep my eyes open during the exam. And just for the sake of writing exam, I wrote. And, I came out- Not expecting anything in return- Just to lay on the seat of my car....

Well, Results :D
To the biggest surprise, I got selected! A candidate who couldn't even walk, gives 4 and a half hour of exam and nails it! I got selected, not only in Product Design but also in the Automobile Design! Man! That was the day...God always surprises me with the unexpectedly best...
What happened afterwards- I will be sharing the interview experience of both PD and TrAD soon.


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