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हवा नहीं तूफ़ान हूं मैं

And here's my third Hindi poem!! Wrote this at 2:30am last night.

हाथ नहीं किसी के आउ,
हवा नहीं तूफ़ान हूं मैं।

कितना भी कोई रोके टोके,
अपने ही रास्ते जाऊँगा।
है ताकत तो करो सामना,
तुम्हे कुचल बढ़ जाऊंगा।

जितना भी तुम पास आओ,
गले नहीं लगाऊंगा।
छूने की कोशिश करी तो,
चूर चूर कर जाऊंगा।

इतना मैं बुरा ना था पहले,
उस चोट ने ऐसा बना दिया।
घायल किया गंभीरता से ऐसा,
होश में मुझे ला दिया।

बन के मैं शीतल हवा,
लहराता घूमता फिरता था।

गरजती बिजली से फिर हुआ सामना,
हौसला मेरा जड़ दिया।
बादल ऐसा गरजाया उसने,
पानी मुझे कर दिया।

जो दबता है आधा,
दबा उसे देते हैं।
शराफत जो दिखाए ज़्यादा,
बेज़ुबां उसे कर देते हैं।

ठान ली थी उस दिन से,
हवा नहीं तूफ़ान हूं मैं।
कदमो की आहट नहीं,
शेर की दहाड़ हूं मैं।


People select one from amongst themselves to lead all. Following the culture of giving respect and godly status to elders, they 'make' him God. They worship him like they worship 'actual' God. And if anyone who doesn't believe in their ideologies and raises voice against the wrongdoings, he is termed as anti-national, Muslim and charged for sedition and blasphemy even if he belongs to the same religion they preach!
And in case, you think I am in favour of a particular party, you are wrong. I was once. Not anymore. I have realized all are same. I'm a NOTA guy.

आसान है

Here's my second poem in Hindi :D I'm finding it fun to write in Hindi though it's little difficult than writing in English. Btw, this post goes online on '16th December', the movie I love to watch again and again because of Milind Soman who is always a treat to watch <3 

रास्ता कितना भी कठिन हो,
समय कितना भी जटिल हो,
मेहनत और लगन सच्ची हो, सब
आसान है।

हिम्मत भले ही टूट जाये,
कदम भले ही रुक जाये,
ठान ली अगर एक बार जाने की, पहुचना
आसान है।

किस्मत बेशक रूठी हो,
मंज़िल बेशक झूटी हो,
दिल से मांगो अगर उसे, पाना
आसान है।

लड़क लड़क के चलना पड़े,
ऊंचा पहाड़ चढ़ना पड़े,
निष्चय अगर कर लिया एक बार, सफलता
आसान है।

पहुच गए एक बार ऊपर,
मंज़िल का एहसास किया छूकर,
हासिल भले ही ना वो हमे, संभलना
आसान है।

रास्ता सब सिखा देता है,
हिम्मत बड़ी दिला देता है,
आंसू भले गिर जाये रोकर, जीना
आसान है।

कोशिश हमारी सच्ची थी

So here's my first attempt at Hindi poetry. Not so good and meaningful but fine for a start. Somehow I liked the Urdu poetry in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, so I wanted to write something in Hindi or Urdu. Next time I will try in Urdu (huh! that's going to be tough). This one is written as quatrain. 

गलती मैंने की नहीं,
पर सज़ा मैंने पा ली है।
चोट वहा लगी नहीं,
पर ज़ख्म अभी खाली है।

कदम बढ़ाया पहला था,
फिसल गए हम पानी में।
उठके होश संभाला तो,
पाया खुद को बेहाली में।

फिर चलने उठे ही थे,
आवाज़ लगा उसने रोक दिया।
इससे पहले हम कुछ पूछ सके,
मुह अपना उसने मोड़ दिया।

बिना बोले बिना सुने,
फैसला वो कर गए।
तोडा हमे ऐसा उसने,
मिटटी हमे वो कर गए।

पास तो हम कभी थे ही नहीं,
पर दूरी का अब एहसास हुआ।
मिले थे हम कभी नहीं,
पर बिछड़ने का ग़म इस बार हुआ।

हम भी किसी से कम नहीं,
हिम्मत हमारी पक्की थी।
वापस घर को निकल पड़े,
कोशिश हमारी सच्ची थी।

Rewind The Time

The balcony, the window, and the evenings, Get me back that time, Less of sad dawns, more of bright sunshine.
Cheerful sunsets, memorable books, On my building's terrace, Bring me back the memories to embrace.
When books were the best friends, And fear of future not in mind, Oh Lord! Send me back and rewind the time.
The greetings, the hellos, and the childish smile, When I was loved, and words not misunderstood, Take me to the era which had peace in the sky and worries under the hood.

Boring Client Calls

Dealing directly with clients is fun :D But, sometimes when things get boring and redundant every week, one loses the excitement :( So, during one such call with a client, I started sketching a car though I sketch lot of things these days. Currently, I am trying to make myself better with women potraits :D and human illustrations. Anyway, so during this call, I sketched with pen and coloured it with the only colouring tool available at my desk, a board marker. This car is my favourite sketch that I did at Infy Bangalore.

I Lost The Battle I Didn't Fight

There are stories which don't end positively, Promises To Keep is one of them. The poem meets the light when out of the tunnel...This one is in continuation of Promises To Keep, one of my favourite works.

Kept climbing the Mountain,
Without counting what I Attained.

Keeping only the peak in my Brain,
I tackled the weather and the ruthless Terrain.

Reached the top hoping to find what was Needed,
With a desire to reap the fruit that was Seeded.

But, luck turned out not to be in my Favour,
Hopes in vain and in the drain are Endeavours.

The top is Reached,
I have got what was set to be Achieved,
But, she is not there to witness and Receive.

She had left the place before I could Speak,
Couldn't confess my love, all I'm left is to Weep.

I lost the battle that I didn't Fight,
Time gave a slap that was so Tight.

Threw me down the mountain that seemed to be a Lie,
Fell on the heart and agony was High.

She went away, and left the barren Land,
Lost her like sand out of the tight …

Stranger Friends

Ever wondered what a friend really means? I have always had few people whom I have called friends, maybe 4 or 5 friends in a total of two and a half decades! But as I grew up, the definition of friends evolved. The 4-5 people in my life whom I called friends qualified to be called as best friends which gave room for few more people to be called as friends :) So, this gave me a diplomatic excuse from not calling everyone as friend. Every classmate then became friend while few important personalities in my life enjoyed the privilege to be in my best friends list. No one cared by the way...Lol! But, yes, I have always had a small circle. Remember, I mentioned about introversion in my previous post? Friends from personal life and friends on virtual Facebook life were same or less. But, somehow, IIT and the time changed me. My circle of friends became bigger while the circle of best friends accommodated a few (2-3) more friends. It's the game of hierarchy actually, Stranger > Acqua…

Group Discussions And Introversion

This post has been pending for years now. Ever since I finished post-graduation, I have got little more time for myself, time to read books again and enjoy the solitude.

This article is going to cover my experiences with GDs (Group Discussions) and how I dealt with them. Not sure if this can qualify to be a tutorial post of "How to nail GDs?" or "How introverts can speak in GDs?"

I'm a person who doesn't speak much, and when there's a group chat, I don't like to talk at all! I like to be in solitude. In short, I'm an introvert. Therefore, Group Discussion is a parameter which can't filter out persons like me for a job during the placement/selection process. Whether Group Discussion is a correct parameter to select candidates or not is a different topic and I won't talk on it.

During my engineering, I sat for almost ten GDs (all were not for placements-some were practice GDs while some were with friends) and funny part is that I didn'…

How Beautiful Is She!

[This rhyme is quite old, was penned on 6/8/13. Wrote this a day before Promises To Keep. A pretty silly, romantic and long! Umm!]
How beautiful is she! Like splendid monsoon coupled with a cup of tea.

Her locks are moving down my face,
Like sea breeze moving in a haste.

Her eyes are deep that they pull me in,
Whirling the gyroscope of love, into a spin.

She's gorgeous in her pink top, My eyes are not blinking and heart beat stopped.
She makes me lay in her lap, With more of intimacy and little gap.
She flickers her fingers through my hair, Staring at me with a desperate glare.
Her eyes enchant the story of bliss, Tempting me to plant on her forehead, a lovely kiss.
She wants me to say something fair, I responded- I'll be there; to keep you happy is all I care.
When she's singing, she's the best, Like nightingale's sound from the nest.

She is whistling songs on the way,
I wish to hear them throughout the day.
Her hairs are black, brown and some golden, As shiny as silver molten.
Her gaze…

It Shall Be Over Soon

The money you earn and the money you spend,
Nothing is left when life comes to an end.

The anger you display, the revenge you seek,
Happiness is what you desire when life is about to end.

Do what your heart tells you to do,
So you do not regret for anything when life comes to an end.

You should forgive, you should forget, sour relationships you need to mend,
So you cherish all the people when your life comes to an end.

Express your love when your heart paces,
Tell her before your voice freezes,
This time won't be back, when life will come to an end.

Three Ds Rule The Life

Three Ds can capsize your life emotionally. What you DESIRE. What you DESERVE. And what's in your DESTINY. Although I'm a firm believer of TheSecret's LawOfAttraction, I place Destiny above all.