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The Act Of Kindness

An old post from the diary,
Today Sravani and Kavita, two of my best friends in class gave a surprise visit to my hostel. So, we decided to go for a bicycle trip from Boys' Hostel to the Girls' Hostel and started to discuss our project's progress. And as we started to paddle, the street lights went off probably due to some electricity issue. On the way, down the slope, just before the hospital, I noticed a boy walking in the middle of the road where cars were dangerously passing with just a little distance from his sides. He was holding his cellphone with flash pointing onto the road. I found it really strange. I passed by his side while observing closely. He was looking on the road with the flashlight. But what caught my attention was that he was not walking straight, little left then little right but still in the middle of the road. I stopped. "What happened?" Sravani asked. "Why he is walking in the middle of the road?" I said to them, "This is…

Never Ending Stress

The Exponential Stress is on high...The combination of 'IIT tag' and a 'Masters degree' is very stressful combination. Where is the full stop man!

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