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How I messed up my first interviews: Chapter I

I have messed up my first interviews in both colleges that I attended. Today, I will speak of the first one that I gave. I have written about this in two of my earlier posts- Engineering is a state of mind , and Group discussions and introversion . I wasn't sure earlier if I should write this or not but I do feel that failures are an important part of life and I sport them confidently. And, for the past 2.5 years of my career, I have been sitting on the other side of the table, hiring others for my company and I have grown a lot since then so, this post wouldn't hurt my career. Here it is- My interview experience with Wipro. This story dates back to December 2012. Wipro was one of the first companies that visited our campus and like I always do, I cleared all the prelims and was amongst the few who got qualified for the interview pushing back many ECE, IT, and CSE grads despite being from the mechanical branch.  I got my formals stitched for the first time in life, cleaned my

How Easy It Is To Learn Guitar?

Short answer - Learning guitar is very easy. I learnt to play the guitar in 30 days. But, there is a catch. Read below to learn more. And, before I actually start answering how I did it, I think it is important to lay down a brief background of music in my life. I haven't gone under any formal music training but during primary school days in DAV, we had a compulsory class of vocal music and classical dance. I was in awe of my music teacher mimicking the sound of running horses on his pair of Tabla, and I had learnt a bit of Kathak. I was part of various school functions either singing in choir or dancing in the group. I didn't pursue dance much but I did become a permanent member of the choir group for 6+ years. Growing up, I tried instrumental music too as my ECA and, learnt to play a bit of the banjo. Banjo was considerably easier than the Tabla. I tried my hands at the drums and xylophone too but failed to learn them. Keyboard and guitar always gave me goosebumps so never tr

Picking New Hobbies

My creative brain requires rewiring every now and then. In simple words, I like to learn new things, read new topics, build habits...I am always on toes striving to be a better man, a kinder person who does good deeds. Ah! a tough goal, I know! But, I'll keep at it.  While we were doing our M.Des, our profs gave us a lot of different materials, assignments, theories, designing practices to shape our brain to become better in the creative process so that we could think differently, do something unique, build new designs...and more. But, it's not since the M.Des, my brain has been trained to be creative ever since my primary school, DAV where I learnt new art techniques from my drawing and clay modelling teachers. Actually, I believe that I was born as a creative soul thus leading me to like the art classes. I have always been good at drawing since childhood. Sadly, my explorations lie mainly in the creative side of mine; I wish that I was that open towards my eating habits or r

Life Without Social Media - Digital Detox

This year, I completed my second-longest stint with a deactivated Facebook account, a complete 3.5 years while I write this post in July 2020.  I have had my Facebook account since December 2009 which apparently was created by my college friend Alok who couldn't see me as the only person without a Facebook account in a batch of 60 engineers :D. One day while we were sitting in the computer lab, Alok scraped my education details from LinkedIn and created a Facebook account with my name, and started adding my school mates too. For a complete month of December, Alok acted as Chetan on Facebook until I accepted to take over the account and maintain it. I had to give in before he did anything more in the name of Chetan :D though Alok was my best buddy so he wouldn't have done something funny with my account yet to be square, I took over the account. He had kept a geeky password 'Efficiency' to start with. From January to February 2010, I added all my mechanical engineering

Stranger Friends: Chapter II

This story is in continuation of  Stranger Friends . If you haven't read that, I would recommend reading that first before reading this second part. Bangalore wasn't new anymore. I had obvious friends in the office as well as in Uniworld, my guesthouse. But, there was one unique friend, a stranger friend in Uniworld, the housekeeper! I had been talking to him about random things around me in the city, office, life and whatnot. Strange but, true; I would talk to him generally during weekend mornings. After completing my stint of four months in Infosys' Bangalore Campus, I had taken transfer to their Jaipur DC. My transfer is another interesting story highlighting the politics in the corporate world of Infosys; will write an article separately on that. On my last day in Bangalore, I had my bags packed and kept on the floor near the room's door. The housekeeper did all the cleaning chores and while he was leaving the room, I looked at him. "Sir, ja rahe ho?"

One Crazy Guy

One crazy guy Left the comfort to explore From center of the land to edge of the shore One crazy guy Who once won the world Lost the trust, got the stones hurled One crazy guy With a thirst to make a dent Surviving the weather without a tent One crazy guy Wanted to remove crisis and poverty Clean the minds that were dirty One crazy guy On a mission to reach the peak Built the journey desirable to seek

My Portrait Sketches - 2017

These days, I am learning to do portrait sketching...Actually, I already know how portrait sketching is done but I have simply forgotten the tricks as I am doing it after almost 15 years. So, I am picking up new tricks and styles while I am scribbling my pencils and pens on paper. I have messed up with a lot of faces while have successfully created a few. In fact, the primary motto of going away from Facebook 'again' (shall post the article on 1st Jan'18) was to concentrate on things that make me happy. So, here are my sketches of 2017 in reverse chrono order. Actually, I am not adding all the sketches, the ones I messed up shall not get public :) Shall keep updating this post till 31st Dec'17. Tools: Graphite pencils, Colour pencils, Crayons, Sketch-pens, and Ball-point pens.

Not An Avid Reader Anymore

Few days back, I met an old friend from school days who inquired about the recent book titles that I read. "Sadly I don't get to read much," I said disappointingly showing him the book I am reading- 'Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman'. Actually, we both are kind of regular readers. During school and engineering days, I used to read a lot of books, even won an award from school which was 'Avid Reader Of The School.' But my interest in books has kind of faded and my friend reads more books than I do. I don't feel like reading much. In 2016, I read only 3-4 books and around a similar number of books this year. One thing that is responsible for the lesser number is my changing interests, I prefer to read little heavy books these days which require me to read their chapters again and again to understand...I have been reading books on Buddhism, Psychology and so on...PhD in Behavioral Science is something that has been in my mind for some time, of

The Tale Of Melon City - Storyboard

Another blast from the past from 2013. Did this for younger brother for his English lit assignment in school. The poem - The Tale of Melon City by Vikram Seth is one of the chapters assigned in CBSE's Class 11th curriculum. Another comic strip which I did for my brother-  Lord Ullin's Daughter

The Gentle Traveller

The gentle traveller in my barn, Spinning an adventurous yarn. Of the pains she bore, And the experiences she scored. Her eyes were big in excitement, I was surprised with enlightenment. She started with the fun, And how she reached moon and the sun. Things didn't go well in her life, A horrible person rejected her as wife. Memories made her eyes wet, Yet the brave lady did not fret. Didn't let a single tear fall, Stood up high and tall. Gazed deep at the moon, Shouted laughter and started to drool. She then spoke of her experiences around the world, Of praises she got and criticism people hurled. We walked on the grass towards her bike, Her pains seemed heavier and rucksack was light. She smiled and sat on the saddle, Waved back while she paddled. She added another chapter to my life, A new lesson and a new light.

Laughter In The Terrain

Jaipur Sky After Rains Clouds are dark, Sun rays left a mark, Time for joy of a new start, And for a voyage I am about to embark. Climbing up the hills, Freezing weather giving the chills, I want to be the first to experience the rains, Jump higher, and shout the laughter in the terrain.

Conversations - Cartoons

Blast from the past... Mother and son conversation, not mine btw :p Father and son conversation (silent conversations), again, not mine :p

Pervert - Cartoon

Blast from the past...

Smart Prisoner - Cartoon

Blast from the past...

Lord Ullin's Daughter - Storyboard

A blast from the past...Did this storyboard in 2010 for my brother's holiday homework when he was in 9th standard. Lord Ullin's Daughter was part of English Literature course (CBSE) in school during my time as well as during my brother's time. This was an amazing poem, still close to my heart. A true love story with an unfortunate end. But, I am different :D I don't like sad endings, though they exist. I gave the poem a comic touch and transformed it, and as you would see in the sketch, my brother's teacher also wrote, "You have transformed it." You can read the poem here

The Bitter Truth

Truth holds no meaning if can't be spoken, Success can't be ensued if efforts are broken. Truth can hurt because words are harsh, We can fall because the path is marsh. Life's a voyage through an upstream flow, Heart endures the pain yet we smile with a glow.

It Rained Happiness

The sky was clear The clouds were white Horizon was near Mind was light It rained happiness Eyes were cheerful Legs were dancing Weather was blossomful Birds were romancing It rained happiness Breeze was cool Grass had dew Wanted to drool Life was new It rained happiness

Destiny A Maze

I walked I jumped I went up to the base I jogged I ran I sped up my pace I reached I topped Yet I lost the race Feat in hand Couldn't celebrate Efforts a waste I sat I cried Bitter was the taste God director Life surprise Destiny a maze

The Lesson To Be Taught

A quick one, wrote this yesterday post midnight :D Everything can't be bought, Every man should be taught. Every rule can't be broken, She is not a possession to be taken. Don't misunderstand, She's not a helping hand. She's an independent kite, Not a slave as your wife. She simply can't be impressed, No matter how well you get dressed. To hit the dart in the center, You have to find her heart and enter. You can't win her with your money, Nor with your love and words like 'my honey.' Give her respect and pay heed, Not only affection but attention also she needs. You've responsibility and so does she, Men should also compromise as nothing comes for free. Leaving her parents shouldn't be a boundation, Weights should be equal for a great foundation.

Break Rules

Finally, I gave up my Nokia, thanks to Microsoft who didn't take care of its customers and rising need of internet and apps in India after demonetization.  RIP Lumia!  I have bought a smartphone otherwise known as Android phone...Now, I am figuring out how to use it :( Alongside reading 'Family Wisdom', my 5th title of Robin Sharma. This book has deeply moved me, probably my second best read after Alchemist. I read Leadership Wisdom two years ago but that didn't have that magic! Family Wisdom is even better than its prequel, Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.  Family Wisdom is a must read!   Anyway, like every year, I wrote this rhyme on new year eve.  Break the doors which stop you, From opening a chapter that's new. Break the barriers which prevent you, From experiencing sunrise and the dew. Move ahead but not start a new life, Forget the wrongs, cherish all the rights. You are beautiful and so is your life, Leave the string and fly as an independent kit

हवा नहीं तूफ़ान हूं मैं

And here's my third Hindi poem!! Wrote this at 2:30am last night. हाथ नहीं किसी के आउ, हवा नहीं तूफ़ान हूं मैं। कितना भी कोई रोके टोके, अपने ही रास्ते जाऊँगा। है ताकत तो करो सामना, तुम्हे कुचल बढ़ जाऊंगा। जितना भी तुम पास आओ, गले नहीं लगाऊंगा। छूने की कोशिश करी तो, चूर चूर कर जाऊंगा। इतना मैं बुरा ना था पहले, उस चोट ने ऐसा बना दिया। घायल किया गंभीरता से ऐसा, होश में मुझे ला दिया। बन के मैं शीतल हवा, लहराता घूमता फिरता था। गरजती बिजली से फिर हुआ सामना, हौसला मेरा जड़ दिया। बादल ऐसा गरजाया उसने, पानी मुझे कर दिया। जो दबता है आधा, दबा उसे देते हैं। शराफत जो दिखाए ज़्यादा, बेज़ुबां उसे कर देते हैं। ठान ली थी उस दिन से, हवा नहीं तूफ़ान हूं मैं। कदमो की आहट नहीं, शेर की दहाड़ हूं मैं।


People select one from amongst themselves to lead all. Following the culture of giving respect and godly status to elders, they 'make' him God. They worship him like they worship 'actual' God. And if anyone who doesn't believe in their ideologies and raises voice against the wrongdoings, he is termed as anti-national, Muslim and charged for sedition and blasphemy even if he belongs to the same religion they preach! And in case, you think I am in favour of a particular party, you are wrong. I was once. Not anymore. I have realized all are same. I'm a NOTA guy.

आसान है

Here's my second poem in Hindi :D I'm finding it fun to write in Hindi though it's little difficult than writing in English. Btw, this post goes online on '16th December', the movie I love to watch again and again because of Milind Soman who is always a treat to watch <3  रास्ता कितना भी कठिन हो, समय कितना भी जटिल हो, मेहनत और लगन सच्ची हो, सब आसान है। हिम्मत भले ही टूट जाये, कदम भले ही रुक जाये, ठान ली अगर एक बार जाने की, पहुचना आसान है। किस्मत बेशक रूठी हो, मंज़िल बेशक झूटी हो, दिल से मांगो अगर उसे, पाना आसान है। लड़क लड़क के चलना पड़े, ऊंचा पहाड़ चढ़ना पड़े, निष्चय अगर कर लिया एक बार, सफलता आसान है। पहुच गए एक बार ऊपर, मंज़िल का एहसास किया छूकर, हासिल भले ही ना वो हमे, संभलना आसान है। रास्ता सब सिखा देता है, हिम्मत बड़ी दिला देता है, आंसू भले गिर जाये रोकर, जीना आसान है।

Rewind The Time

The balcony, the window, and the evenings, Get me back that time, Less of sad dawns, more of bright sunshine. Cheerful sunsets, memorable books, On my building's terrace, Bring me back the memories to embrace. When books were the best friends, And the fear of future not in mind, Oh, Lord! Send me back and rewind the time.

Boring Client Calls

Dealing directly with clients is fun :D But, sometimes when things get boring and redundant every week, one loses the excitement :( So, during one such call with a client, I started sketching a car though I sketch lot of things these days. Currently, I am trying to make myself better with women potraits :D and human illustrations. Anyway, so during this call, I sketched with pen and coloured it with the only colouring tool available at my desk, a board marker. This car is my favourite sketch that I did at Infy Bangalore.

Stranger Friends

Ever wondered what a friend really means? I have always had few people whom I have called friends, maybe 4 or 5 friends in a total of two and a half decades! But as I grew up, the definition of friends evolved. The 4-5 people in my life whom I called friends qualified to be called as best friends which gave room for few more people to be called as friends :) So, this gave me a diplomatic excuse from not calling everyone as friend. Every classmate then became friend while few important personalities in my life enjoyed the privilege to be in my best friends list. No one cared by the way...Lol! But, yes, I have always had a small circle. Remember, I mentioned about introversion in my previous post? Friends from personal life and friends on virtual Facebook life were same or less. But, somehow, IIT and the time changed me. My circle of friends became bigger while the circle of best friends accommodated a few (2-3) more friends. It's the game of hierarchy actually, Stranger > Acqua