One Crazy Guy

One crazy guy
Left the comfort to explore
From center of the land to edge of the shore

One crazy guy
Who once won the world
Lost the trust, got the stones hurled

One crazy guy
With a thirst to make a dent
Surviving the weather without a tent

One crazy guy
Wanted to remove crisis and poverty
Clean the minds that were dirty

One crazy guy
On a mission to reach the peak
Built the journey desirable to seek

My Portrait Sketches - 2017

These days, I am learning to do portrait sketching...Actually, I already know how portrait sketching is done but I have simply forgotten the tricks as I am doing it after almost 15 years. So, I am picking up new tricks and styles while I am scribbling my pencils and pens on paper. I have messed up with a lot of faces while have successfully created a few. In fact, the primary motto of going away from Facebook 'again' (shall post the article on 1st Jan'18) was to concentrate on things that make me happy.
So, here are my sketches of 2017 in reverse chrono order. Actually, I am not adding all the sketches, the ones I messed up shall not get public :) Shall keep updating this post till 31st Dec'17.

Tools: Graphite pencils, Colour pencils, Crayons, Sketch-pens, and Ball-point pens.

Not An Avid Reader Anymore

Few days back, I met an old friend from school days who inquired about the recent book titles that I read. "Sadly I don't get to read much," I said disappointingly showing him the book I am reading- 'Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman'.
Actually, we both are kind of regular readers. During school and engineering days, I used to read a lot of books, even won an award from school which was 'Avid Reader Of The School.' But my interest in books has kind of faded and my friend reads more books than I do. I don't feel like reading much. In 2016, I read only 3-4 books and around a similar number of books this year. One thing that is responsible for the lesser number is my changing interests, I prefer to read little heavy books these days which require me to read their chapters again and again to understand...I have been reading books on Buddhism, Psychology and so on...PhD in Behavioral Science is something that has been in my mind for some time, of c…

The Tale Of Melon City - Storyboard

Another blast from the past from 2013. Did this for younger brother for his English lit assignment in school. The poem - The Tale of Melon City by Vikram Seth is one of the chapters assigned in CBSE's Class 11th curriculum.

Another comic strip which I did for my brother- Lord Ullin's Daughter

The Gentle Traveller

The gentle traveller in my barn,
Spinning an adventurous yarn.
Of the pains she bore,
And the experiences she scored.
Her eyes were big in excitement,
I was surprised with enlightenment.
She started with the fun,
And how she reached moon and the sun.
Things didn't go well in her life,
A horrible person rejected her as wife.
Memories made her eyes wet,
Yet the brave lady did not fret.
Didn't let a single tear fall,
Stood up high and tall.
Gazed deep at the moon,
Shouted laughter and started to drool.
She then spoke of her experiences around the world,
Of praises she got and criticism people hurled.
We walked on the grass towards her bike,
Her pains seemed heavier and rucksack was light.
She smiled and sat on the saddle,
Waved back while she paddled.
She added another chapter to my life,
A new lesson and a new light.