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The Gentle Traveller

The gentle traveller in my barn,
Spinning an adventurous yarn.
Of the pains she bore,
And the experiences she scored.
Her eyes were big in excitement,
I was surprised with enlightenment.
She started with the fun,
And how she reached moon and the sun.
Things didn't go well in her life,
A horrible person rejected her as wife.
Memories made her eyes wet,
Yet the brave lady did not fret.
Didn't let a single tear fall,
Stood up high and tall.
Gazed deep at the moon,
Shouted laughter and started to drool.
She then spoke of her experiences around the world,
Of praises she got and criticism people hurled.
We walked on the grass towards her bike,
Her pains seemed heavier and rucksack was light.
She smiled and sat on the saddle,
Waved back while she paddled.
She added another chapter to my life,
A new lesson and a new light.