This section is dedicated for my Poems, actually a string of rhyming words; sometimes they rhyme and sometimes they just don't. Some of these are fiction and some inspired by own life. Writing poems was started way back when I was in school and was inspired by a beautiful poem called 'Palanquin Bearers' by Sarojini Naidu.

Poems on this blog:
One Crazy Guy
The Gentle Traveller
Laughter In The Terrain
The Bitter Truth
It Rained Happiness
Mopped The Past
Destiny A Maze
The Lesson To Be Taught
Break Rules
Hawa Nahi Toofan Hu Mai (Hindi)
Aasaan Hai (Hindi)
Koshish Hamari Sacchi Thi (Hindi)
Rewind The Time
I Lost The Battle I Didn't Fight
How Beautiful Is She!
It Shall Be Over Soon
It Is Of No Use - A Poem
Purpose Of Life
Promises To Keep
Ants In My Pants - A Poem
A Poem For Sujoy
Chemistry- A Poem

PS: I guess, I should rename this page from Funoetry to something else, perhaps simply Poems, or Rhymes or Poetry...I don't find my rhymes for fun reading anymore!

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