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The First Sketch Of 2014

2014 is almost over. Here's the first sketch I drew this year.

Political Cartoon: Disfigured


Political Cartoon: My First Vote


Interview Experience At IIT Kanpur

Writing after a long time...
Kanpur! An awesome experience though I messed up and blew their heads off, literally. I was second-last on the second day, i.e 10th May, 2014. My turn came at around 5 or 5:30 pm though as per list sequence, my turn should have got over by afternoon. It took almost complete day for the process since the reporting time was 9 am. Unlike other design schools, they didn't take any aptitude test.
The wait for interview felt really long for me since I didn't have breakfast because there wasn't any; the hostel they alloted, Hall V, didn't have any mess or canteen nor did they provide the candidates with any bedding so it was quite obvious for me to get little hot. But the wait for interview cooled me down gradually. And I entered the room with great calm and composure.
I entered and greeted with 'good-afternoon' and they were like, 'yeah! yeah!, talking among themselves, reading their sheets, showing disinterest in the candidate. And …

What Kejriwal Did In 49 Days!

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal did a lot for our Delhi. One of the achievements of him and his party (actually our party!) was being able to remove the beacons from the VIP's vehicles. Here's a small sketch to support him and his fighting spirit.

Interview Experience At IDC IIT Bombay

Qualifying CEED is not enough to get admission in M.Des. The admission process of reputed institutes is quite exhaustive and tests candidates' aptitude at several stages, DAT and Interview. Here, I'm sharing my experience of the interviews at IDC (Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay) during March'14. I was lucky to be called for interviews of all the three disciplines I applied for.
Visual Communication Interview: I am a product designer by passion. I had no VC work to show except a collection of my cartoons- my free-time fun and my second passion. I guess, I should have applied for Animation Design with my cartoons but I didn't do so because I wasn't sure of getting placed after studying Animation.  VC! My first meeting with professors of an IIT. The panel didn't seem interested, because of my portfolio? Who knows? They asked me to show the best three works of mine. "Sir, all are my best. You can see any of these," I said.
"No, we want you to …

What Does My Food Preference Has To Do With Religion?

Food is healthy, whether you eat it or talk about it. While returning from IIT Bombay, on my journey to Delhi on August-Kranti Rajdhani, an incident happened when food actuated a political discussion. The man in his 40s seated opposite to me asked what a Jain-platter was pointing towards my plate which happened to be Jain. [I figured out the availability of Jain-platter on train last year while on my way to Ahmedabad on Swarna-Jayanti Rajdhani when my fellow passenger ordered it. I went there for the NID interviews.]
"It doesn't have onion!" I replied after swallowing.
After a while when we were finished eating, he tried to crack a conversation again, "Now you also have got reservation!"
"Sorry?" I said keeping my book (a Paulo Coelho's...) aside as if I heard something wrong.
"Jains have got reservation too," he said.
"I'm not a Jain! I'm Hindu!" I modulated my voice.
"Jains are also Hindus!" he said.

Collection Of Industrial Design Sketches

These are some of the links I referred to get inspiration while preparing for M.Des (Master Of Design). This collection contains some great works of many artists, tutorials for product sketching and much more one would need while preparing design portfolio as well as while learning to sketch. These would even help in cracking the design entrances (CEED, NID-DAT, etc.) plus their design aptitude tests (DATs). These links are randomly ordered.
To know more about Design in India:- (This link would give information about various design entrances, design colleges in India, etc.) (This link is the one-stop solution for the preparation of design entrances, DATs, interviews and more.)
Another link which speaks a lot about Design:-
Product/ Industrial Design sketching tutorials:- http…

Engineering Is A State Of Mind

It was only a month after I graduated when I got stressed because of being unable to land up with a job. I had been looking for job throughout the final year but efforts went in vane. Having passed all the 8 hurdles, I mean the semesters, I was expecting at least one good offer in hand before graduating. Well, any above average student would expect that to happen but life just doesn't work the way we want. Somehow, after a pathetic final year I gained my senses and started seeing things normally. [Pathetic doesn't refer to academics; I have always been academically strong; one of the top contenders.] With no single company visiting the campus for us (the mechanical engineers) and my hilarious interview with Wipro [shall write a separate post on that!], the only way out of the misery of bad placements was the off-campus.
But, if getting a job through campus is difficult then getting job off-campus is even more difficult especially when you don't have any uncle or aunt worki…

The Apathy Of General Category: Cartoon Sketch 3


Delhi Metro Sketch

Sketched this a few years ago in school on MS Paint without any reference.

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The Most Common Sight On Delhi Metro

When IITB Made A Blunder

I always knew that the education in India is in a tattered state with IITs being an exception...And when such reputed exceptions make mistakes, it is simply unacceptable. I had applied for three disciplines for M.Des at IIT Bombay viz., Product Design, Visual Communication and Mobility-Vehicle Design. After the announcement of result I found my name among the shortlisted candidates in Visual Communication and Mobility-Vehicle Design only. I thought that maybe they didn't like my Product Design application (Portfolio plus SOP) and started working on the portfolio for the other two disciplines.
Upon reaching Mumbai, in order to pass my time I started reading names of the candidates in the other disciplines...and there came a 'Shock!' I was shortlisted for 'Interaction Design' as well; the 'discipline,' I didn't even apply for.

I instantly called the Admissions Office and explained the situation. The woman on the other side, instead of accepting their m…

IDC IIT Bombay Calls For Interview

Finally! A good result of 2014. Industrial Design Centre (IDC) of Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay (IIT B) has shortlisted me among the students called for Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and Portfolio presentation (Interview) for their Master of Design (M.Des) course. Phew! The results are a sense of relief after a series of unfavourable results post graduating. Well, it's not sort of an achievement because I've to go through some more tests and interview to get The seat. But receiving an interview call from the nation's most prestigious institute is a nice feeling in itself.
I've been called for two disciplines viz., Visual Communication Design and Mobility & Vehicle Design. Don't know what they liked- my portfolio which included The Most Common Sight On Delhi Metro, my academic profile, my SOP (quite an exhaustive one) or my performance in preliminary CEED (Common Entrance Exam For Design) in which I had secured All India Rank 166...Doesn't matter! Now…

India In Coming Years: Cartoon Sketch 2


The Most Common Sight On Delhi Metro

Travelling on Delhi Metro is always fun. Faces are sometimes familiar and sometimes strange but the sight inside the metro is always same. Students are into their smartphones with earplugs playing western pop and rock. Some stupids like me are always reading a book or a magazine and sometimes even end up writing, Phew! And office-goers, generally men are always reading a newspaper. But that's not what makes the Delhi Metro amazing. "The best part is that the single newspaper is read by all the men, in whose visible range the newspaper falls..."