When IITB Made A Blunder

I always knew that the education in India is in a tattered state with IITs being an exception...And when such reputed exceptions make mistakes, it is simply unacceptable. I had applied for three disciplines for M.Des at IIT Bombay viz., Product Design, Visual Communication and Mobility-Vehicle Design. After the announcement of result I found my name among the shortlisted candidates in Visual Communication and Mobility-Vehicle Design only. I thought that maybe they didn't like my Product Design application (Portfolio plus SOP) and started working on the portfolio for the other two disciplines.

Upon reaching Mumbai, in order to pass my time I started reading names of the candidates in the other disciplines...and there came a 'Shock!' I was shortlisted for 'Interaction Design' as well; the 'discipline,' I didn't even apply for.


I instantly called the Admissions Office and explained the situation. The woman on the other side, instead of accepting their mistake blamed me for not bringing this out to their notice earlier. This left me awestruck.
"Why do you expect me to read the list of candidates of other disciplines?" I said.
"Today, I flukily read the Interaction Design list and found my name there. Till now, I was only reading the list of disciplines I had applied for," I added.
"You don't want to appear for Interaction?"
"Why'd I appear for it when I'm not interested in it; moreover, I didn't even apply for it."
"Chetan, you have to call after half an hour for this," she said.
"Ma'am, this is Chetan..." I spoke when I called later.
"Okay, Chetan, so you had applied for three disciplines- Product, Visual and Mobility?" she interrupted.
"Yes! Ma'am."
"We've verified your details and you are eligible for Product Design as well..." she said.
"Huh???" I was dumbstruck. Her statement stunned me...
"Note down your PD application number; it's 'PD074b,' 'b' for Bombay."
"You can appear for PD test and interview with this and you don't have to appear for Interaction," she added further.
"Thank you!" I sighed and the conversation got over.

Tests are fine, I've given so many exams that they don't scare me anymore but the next problem was Portfolio. I wasn't carrying my PD-specific folio since I was oblivious to the fact that I was eligible for Product Design as well; though I happily appeared for PD tests and interview since PD was always on top of my preference list. Sadly, I couldn't show my PD-specific folio to the panel. I had to show my Visual and Mobility folio to them. I'm sure, the panel would've judged my sketching skills from the portfolio I presented but I wanted to show my Product Design projects too :(
I'd not comment that I deserve a seat or not.
"because competition is a matter of fate where no one's best. There's always someone better..."
Somewhere deep in my heart I know my results but...what IIT did, doesn't give an equal opportunity to all. What if I had not read my name in the Interaction list? I'd have returned to Delhi without appearing for PD test and interview and IIT would have simply marked me absent in Interaction Design. Maybe! there ain't any exception...

PS- The above article is not intended to hurt sentiments of anyone associated with the institution.

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