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What Kejriwal Did In 49 Days!

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal did a lot for our Delhi. One of the achievements of him and his party (actually our party!) was being able to remove the beacons from the VIP's vehicles. Here's a small sketch to support him and his fighting spirit.

Interview Experience At IDC IIT Bombay

Qualifying CEED is not enough to get admission in M.Des. The admission process of reputed institutes is quite exhaustive and tests candidates' aptitude at several stages, DAT and Interview. Here, I'm sharing my experience of the interviews at IDC (Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay) during March'14. I was lucky to be called for interviews of all the three disciplines I applied for.
Visual Communication Interview: I am a product designer by passion. I had no VC work to show except a collection of my cartoons- my free-time fun and my second passion. I guess, I should have applied for Animation Design with my cartoons but I didn't do so because I wasn't sure of getting placed after studying Animation.  VC! My first meeting with professors of an IIT. The panel didn't seem interested, because of my portfolio? Who knows? They asked me to show the best three works of mine. "Sir, all are my best. You can see any of these," I said.
"No, we want you to …