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Stranger Friends

Ever wondered what a friend really means? I have always had few people whom I have called friends, maybe 4 or 5 friends in a total of two and a half decades! But as I grew up, the definition of friends evolved. The 4-5 people in my life whom I called friends qualified to be called as best friends which gave room for few more people to be called as friends :) So, this gave me a diplomatic excuse from not calling everyone as friend. Every classmate then became friend while few important personalities in my life enjoyed the privilege to be in my best friends list. No one cared by the way...Lol! But, yes, I have always had a small circle. Remember, I mentioned about introversion in my previous post? Friends from personal life and friends on virtual Facebook life were same or less. But, somehow, IIT and the time changed me. My circle of friends became bigger while the circle of best friends accommodated a few (2-3) more friends. It's the game of hierarchy actually, Stranger > Acqua…

Group Discussions And Introversion

This post has been pending for years now. Ever since I finished post-graduation, I have got little more time for myself, time to read books again and enjoy the solitude.

This article is going to cover my experiences with GDs (Group Discussions) and how I dealt with them. Not sure if this can qualify to be a tutorial post of "How to nail GDs?" or "How introverts can speak in GDs?"

I'm a person who doesn't speak much, and when there's a group chat, I don't like to talk at all! I like to be in solitude. In short, I'm an introvert. Therefore, Group Discussion is a parameter which can't filter out persons like me for a job during the placement/selection process. Whether Group Discussion is a correct parameter to select candidates or not is a different topic and I won't talk on it.

During my engineering, I sat for almost ten GDs (all were not for placements-some were practice GDs while some were with friends) and funny part is that I didn'…