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Sleep Deprived

Today's is the new year eve. Though I was supposed to put up my poem today but...let it be! Anyway, today I mark it as the end of the worst and most hectic semester of my life. June'15 to Dec'15. Salute to Life! I call this semester worst not because some bad events occurred (there were no bad events as such) but because it was the most laborious time I ever had in my acad period. I have never been so much sleep deprived my whole life. Three days without sleep! Four days with 3hrs of sleep! Two days without sleeping had become so common that it used to happen every week! My body begged for sleep but I couldn't help it. Neither could I go to home every 2nd week like I used to go earlier. There were just too many things which kept me busy- major project, portfolio, placements, maruti workshop and miscellaneous stress causing events. To sum up, I slept for only 3-4 hours a day on an average these six months. And of course it brought more trouble; took toll on my health w…

Design and Animation Video on Maruti Suzuki

362 digital frames with an effort of 24 hours and somehow I still don't feel satisfied despite it being my first attempt. Perhaps it's monotonous. :p After making the first car with more than 72 frames, I realized that I can't put all Maruti cars in the video, so I ended up putting the 3 iconic cars from MSIL (Yeah! I had planned of putting all cars). This assignment was really tiring! But the music is kinda stupid hehe :D

Portfolio Blunder

In order to send works to a company, I made my portfolio in just a day. That means, one year of M.Des work compiled and composed in one day :D Despite several rechecks, I didn't notice the silly spelling mistake :( Unfortunately that blunder went to the company.  Not only this, I had uploaded this portfolio on SlideShare, which resulted in 125 views within the same day from around the world except India (my own country). The funny part was, portfolio was trending there, lol and to add more fun, two UX magazines (from Japan and America) who liked my work had also tweeted the link of my portfolio :p Anyway, first professional portfolio, first blunder, first lesson. Up for it!

NID PGDPD DAT Question Papers 2013

Although it's quite late to upload these papers, I'm sharing the documents because till date, there ain't any previous year papers of NID Postgraduate Program available online.
I hope these help in understanding NID's thinking methodology. Though, one should not trust on the pattern of the paper because it keeps changing. Will upload 2014 paper as well. ________________________________

I gave this exam on 19th January 2013 and I still remember the day. The morning of exam day, I discovered that I was way too unwell, fever was so high that I couldn't walk and was almost fainted. I wanted to give exam because this was the exam which could fulfill my dream of becoming what I strived for. So, with the suggestion of my parents and myself being unable to lift even a leg, I decided to stay at home and rest. I laid back on my bed after taking …

When Is Your Birthday, Chetan?

This is an update to the previous post: Purpose Of Life
I really don't understand the concept of people celebrating their own birthdays though I've got really no problem with that and why would I have a problem either? I have not done anything remarkable after being born. Anyway, I believe, birthdays are always special for the parents and the people around who love the person who was born on the day. Birthdays mark the day of entering of the child in the parents' world. It's the day for them to cherish, it marks the anniversary of their love for each other and the offspring which brought the contentment in their lives. So, I feel extremely odd when people around me ask for my birth-date so they could wish me on the day; I don't know how to react when people wish me with 'happy birthday' except for saying 'thank you.' I've got few relatives, few former colleagues of my mom, a few neighbours (old and new) and as I mentioned earlier: 3-4 friends wh…

The Act Of Kindness

An old post from the diary,
Today Sravani and Kavita, two of my best friends in class gave a surprise visit to my hostel. So, we decided to go for a bicycle trip from Boys' Hostel to the Girls' Hostel and started to discuss our project's progress. And as we started to paddle, the street lights went off probably due to some electricity issue. On the way, down the slope, just before the hospital, I noticed a boy walking in the middle of the road where cars were dangerously passing with just a little distance from his sides. He was holding his cellphone with flash pointing onto the road. I found it really strange. I passed by his side while observing closely. He was looking on the road with the flashlight. But what caught my attention was that he was not walking straight, little left then little right but still in the middle of the road. I stopped. "What happened?" Sravani asked. "Why he is walking in the middle of the road?" I said to them, "This is…

Never Ending Stress

The Exponential Stress is on high...The combination of 'IIT tag' and a 'Masters degree' is very stressful combination. Where is the full stop man!

For Those Who Have Always Seen Things Differently


No Blog Updates?

I always thought that my blog is either being read by silent intruders who come to look for the cartoons redirected by google or by the visitors redirected from my online portfolios, websites and my friend's blog where a few of my articles are published. But, in the last one month, surprisingly I have been asked by many people (I mean my readers) that why don't I write these days. Well, I love to write my experiences and poems but my priorities have changed a bit. I am not able to manage my time well enough to do the writing with academics. I have got at least three articles and three poems pending and the funny part is that the article from my engineering days due to which the blog was started hasn't been published yet :p I was supposed to put one poem on 1st Jan'15 but I just couldn't give the final edit :( and six months have passed since then.  Last Note: The blog is alive and I'll keep writing.

Looking Back To School Life

[Wrote this article for a friend, Siddharth Banda; tried my hands on the so called 'modern articles!' ]

School life is something everyone of us can relate to...

1) We become part of the cattle race without knowing where it is leading to.

and later realize...

2) We dream something...

and something else happens...

3) Lessons and formulas learned hardly turn out to be useful.

4) We do get influenced by seniors who tell us what is right and what is...

5) We learn multi-tasking in school itself.

6) We get cheerful for every small thing.

7)  And we do get disappointed as well.

8)  Sharing lunch with friends become a part of life.

even when we grow up...

9) Friends are what we earn for lifetime.

and when we meet them after a long time...

10)  And when we become alumnus of the very same school...

Rest In Peace, RK Laxman

Rest in peace, RK Laxman, sir. It's really sad to know about your demise! You have been my biggest inspiration for sketching since childhood. Here are, few of my sketches which I did in maths notebook in school, around 10 years ago.

Stop Posting Ads

I'm fed up with a person posting comments on my every post and promoting his firm.