When Is Your Birthday, Chetan?

This is an update to the previous post: Purpose Of Life

I really don't understand the concept of people celebrating their own birthdays though I've got really no problem with that and why would I have a problem either? I have not done anything remarkable after being born. Anyway, I believe, birthdays are always special for the parents and the people around who love the person who was born on the day. Birthdays mark the day of entering of the child in the parents' world. It's the day for them to cherish, it marks the anniversary of their love for each other and the offspring which brought the contentment in their lives. So, I feel extremely odd when people around me ask for my birth-date so they could wish me on the day; I don't know how to react when people wish me with 'happy birthday' except for saying 'thank you.' I've got few relatives, few former colleagues of my mom, a few neighbours (old and new) and as I mentioned earlier: 3-4 friends who wish me every year. I feel blessed when they take some time out to call and wish me. Since, they have been wishing me every year, I do expect their call on my birthday but the point is, what happens when they do not call? Well, it still really doesn't matter. I respect their love for me. May god always bless them. 
Okay, I wrote this above poem, what next? Did I make any point? Did I make any change?? No, I guess! I planted 8 trees on my birthday this year. Unfortunately, I don't even take care of those! Will it make any difference? For the amount of paper I have used in last 25 years, for the amount of oxygen I consumed in these 25 years, will 8 trees return something back to the environment? Or for that matter, will these 8 trees counter the ozone layer depleted by the petrol I burnt in the past few years? Not at all! Because I still drive even when I have the option of public transport. But... one has to keep doing what one can! Bring brightness in your parents' life if not in the ecosystem. Try keeping parents happy...I'm writing this, it doesn't mean that I always respect my parents although I should, yet there are times when I don't. I know that's wrong! I am considering it happens with many of us, so one has to realize when s/he is wrong and do the right!
"Realization of the fact when you're wrong is important"


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