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The Apathy Of General Category: Cartoon Sketch 3


Delhi Metro Sketch

Sketched this a few years ago in school on MS Paint without any reference.

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When IITB Made A Blunder

I always knew that the education in India is in a tattered state with IITs being an exception...And when such reputed exceptions make mistakes, it is simply unacceptable. I had applied for three disciplines for M.Des at IIT Bombay viz., Product Design, Visual Communication and Mobility-Vehicle Design. After the announcement of result I found my name among the shortlisted candidates in Visual Communication and Mobility-Vehicle Design only. I thought that maybe they didn't like my Product Design application (Portfolio plus SOP) and started working on the portfolio for the other two disciplines.
Upon reaching Mumbai, in order to pass my time I started reading names of the candidates in the other disciplines...and there came a 'Shock!' I was shortlisted for 'Interaction Design' as well; the 'discipline,' I didn't even apply for.

I instantly called the Admissions Office and explained the situation. The woman on the other side, instead of accepting their m…