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The First Sketch Of 2014

2014 is almost over. Here's the first sketch I drew this year.

Political Cartoon: Disfigured


Political Cartoon: My First Vote


Interview Experience At IIT Kanpur

Writing after a long time...
Kanpur! An awesome experience though I messed up and blew their heads off, literally. I was second-last on the second day, i.e 10th May, 2014. My turn came at around 5 or 5:30 pm though as per list sequence, my turn should have got over by afternoon. It took almost complete day for the process since the reporting time was 9 am. Unlike other design schools, they didn't take any aptitude test.
The wait for interview felt really long for me since I didn't have breakfast because there wasn't any; the hostel they alloted, Hall V, didn't have any mess or canteen nor did they provide the candidates with any bedding so it was quite obvious for me to get little hot. But the wait for interview cooled me down gradually. And I entered the room with great calm and composure.
I entered and greeted with 'good-afternoon' and they were like, 'yeah! yeah!, talking among themselves, reading their sheets, showing disinterest in the candidate. And …