Ants In My Pants - A Poem

[How many times you have found Insects creeping in your clothes? Well, I get Goosebumps just by the thought of it. I have encountered such situations a several times…Ants, Wasps, Bees – I have been bitten by all of them. And following is a similar story - A little kid from School Hostel who has found the army of tiny Ants in his Pants. Happy Reading! ]

Ants in my Pants, Ants in my Pants,
What I’ve found is Ants in my Pants.

Left, Right, Up, and Down,
Biting me all over as Prey they’ve Found.

All of them are in colour Red,
Got into the Pants as Cream-Biscuits were on the Bed.

I removed them and wore another Pants,
Bathroom was nearby, to God I Thanked.

This Pants was having Ants Also,
Kicking my torso like Xabi Alonso.

I removed my Pants to take a Bath,
Showed the Ants - The Water Path.

Came back and wore Pants Again,
Accidently, Pants were the very Same.

Whom will I tell my Apathy?
How will I show my scars to the nurse and Dr. Agathie?
Will they show their little Sympathy?

They bit me at a place that was Wrong,
The voice I screamed with was enough Strong.

I screamed and shouted and moaned in Pain,
Children looked through the corridor - The Warrior Slain.

Time was morning and bell that Ranged,
Fell off the bed with a great Bang.

Hit my head and found it was my stupid Dream,
All resulted because last night I ate that Cream.

Removed my Pants there and Then,
Hands came out clean from the Den.

Relieving myself I sat on the Bed,
Put the palm on the fore of my Head.

There again I saw an Ant Little,
Freaked out as if it ate a Nibble.

Removed my Pants and ran across in Underwear,
Girls shouted as I Steered.

Sam caught me in his Cam,
Then I shouted "Save me Ma'am."

School punished me for this naked Act,
Biscuits - The Bait, Ants were the Trap.


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