Promises To Keep

[The following one was written when I was actually not able to sleep and kept murmering-  
Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!, Why I'm not able to sleep?
And, the first line of my poem was born. I decided to pen it keeping the primary sound of "EEP."
Here are the words of wisdom from a mentally troubled - sleep deprived man.  Happy Reading!]

Night is there and I’m not able to Sleep
As I’ve promises to Keep.

Slope is Steep and I’m still moving
As I’ve…

The path is difficult with thorns and cliffs,
I’m travelling barefoot, not in a Jeep
As I’ve…

The aim is Horizon even if I’ve to walk on Poison,
My determination is Deep
As I’ve…

Seeds are to be sown and fruits are to be Reaped,
Be it season or bad weather,
I’ll keep moving
As I’ve…

Path is Dire, as narrow as Wire,
I’ll climb or Leap
As I’ve…

People say- My hope will Die,
I’ll keep moving to prove their words- A Lie,
I’ll be patient and not Weep
As I’ve…

My love in the valley pulling me Back,
Heart’s loaded with an emotional Sack,
But I’ll not turn back to Peek
As I’ve…

Will put my foot with Stability as I’ve some Responsibility,
Act smartly, not like a Geek
As I’ve…

Water’s falling as bottle’s got a Leak,
But I’ll keep moving
As I’ve…

At the top promises will be Fulfilled, 
Might lose the reputation that was Build,
But gain will be more than the Loss,
Accomplishment important, not the Spot.

Will run down the hill with higher spirits and Pride,
Only then will make her my lovely Bride.

But, the journey’s not over, I still have my Ambition,
I’ll remain focussed without her Mention.

The rocks are hard and wind’s is Bleak,
I’ll keep moving
As I've...

The top is Reached,
I’ve got what was set to be Achieved,
Now, I can have a peaceful Sleep,
I’ve fulfilled the promise that I had kept- I Feel.

Life doesn't always rule in favour of you. You always don't get what you want, yet I have given the positive ending in the poem. I can't be positive always in life but at least can tell others to be.

Here is the completed story: I Lost The Battle I Didn't Fight

Here's another relevant poem: How Beautiful Is She


  1. I really liked the fact that a deep meaning has been explained with great simplicity. Keep it up :)

  2. very nice chetan...i really like it.....:-)

  3. Gr8 work Ladke....dont give up :)


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