The Lesson To Be Taught

A quick one, wrote this yesterday post midnight :D

Everything can't be bought,
Every man should be taught.
Every rule can't be broken,
She is not a possession to be taken.

Don't misunderstand,
She's not a helping hand.
She's an independent kite,
Not a slave as your wife.

She simply can't be impressed,
No matter how well you get dressed.
To hit the dart in the center,
You have to find her heart and enter.

You can't win her with your money,
Nor with your love and words like 'my honey.'
Give her respect and pay heed,
Not only affection but attention also she needs.

You've responsibility and so does she,
Men should also compromise as nothing comes for free.
Leaving her parents shouldn't be a boundation,
Weights should be equal for a great foundation.


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