Break Rules

Finally, I gave up my Nokia, thanks to Microsoft who didn't take care of its customers and rising need of internet and apps in India after demonetization. RIP Lumia! I have bought a smartphone otherwise known as Android phone...Now, I am figuring out how to use it :( Alongside reading 'Family Wisdom', my 5th title of Robin Sharma. This book has deeply moved me, probably my second best read after Alchemist. I read Leadership Wisdom two years ago but that didn't have that magic! Family Wisdom is even better than its prequel, Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Family Wisdom is a must read! 

Anyway, like every year, I wrote this rhyme on new year eve. 

Break the doors which stop you,
From opening a chapter that's new.

Break the barriers which prevent you,
From experiencing sunrise and the dew.

Move ahead but not start a new life,
Forget the wrongs, cherish all the rights.

You are beautiful and so is your life,
Leave the string and fly as an independent kite.

Leave the horizon and reach beyond the clouds,
Aim for a peak which has no bounds.

Burn like a fire and run like a horse,
Barefoot walk the road that's harsh and coarse.

Be the light for someone else's home,
Many are so poor that homeless they roam.

Let your success become a global affair,
So everyone praises standing from their chairs.

Share you happiness with those who don't have,
They are needy and empty stomach they have.

Life is too big to celebrate with your own,
Smile at strangers and expand your zone.

You came empty handed but memories you should take,
Live fearless as nothing is at stake.


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