Purpose Of Life

[Birthdays are always special. But, sometimes I just don't find birthdays so special, I feel as if I've not done my part to celebrate or be happy about something...This is the reason that only three or perhaps four(not more than that) of my friends know the date.
Following are a few lines which depict my thoughts towards the life and birth. Happy Reading!]

There's a reason for which you have taken Birth,
Fulfil it, and make your living a Worth.

Do something that world remembers You,
And people say- he was the person I very well Knew.

Those who are born Blessed,
With gold and silver in their Chest,
Must understand that everyone's not lucky to have their own Nest.

Loosen your pockets and be Benevolent.
Amnesty is the cause for which birthdays are Meant.

Let your birthday be a reason for someone's Smile,
Plant a tree or surprise a Child.

Helping destitute is a noble Cause,
I'm not asking you to set your moments of joy in a Pause,
Keep smiling, party hard and sign- No food-wastage Clause.

Continued here- When Is Your Birthday Chetan?


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