Chemistry- A Poem

[I wrote this poem quite a long ago…when I was in school- perhaps in 9th or 10th standard. Why Chemistry? Well, Chemistry was a subject of major concern for me especially during Class 11 during which i failed in it twice simultaneously (first failure in academics). Anyway, that's a little long story, I had almost lost the Science stream. I scored 5 out of 20 in both exams so my Chem teacher requested the concerned teacher to take me off the Science batch. Still, at the end it wasn’t that bad…When I raised the issue to the teacher who was authorized to change stream, she informed me and my Chem teacher that I deserve to be in Science stream because I had topped in Logical section of the aptitude test in the whole school! hihihi :)
Good part: I had topped in Chemistry in my 12th Boards in the school and secured overall 1st position in class :D
I will be writing few more posts (Only to motivate) about my experiences with Chemistry. Happy reading! ]

Chemistry is a Mystery,
With a little bit of History.

From Solids to Liquids,
From Atoms to Molecules,
And from Elements to Compounds,
Chemistry has them all Around.

From Cathode to Anode,
And from Electron to Proton,
Chemistry is filled with Ozone, Hydrogen and Neon.

From Gates to a Beggar,
From Bush to a Mechanic,
From Shakespeare to a poet like Me,
Or whoever the person be,
Everyone should be aware of this mysterious Chemistry.

Mole is the Concept which made my life Hell,
Oh God! Take me out of this Well.

Balance the Equations and learn all the Compounds,
Is the only way in Chemistry to score About.

Mix up all the Formulae and Chemicals to make a Curry,
And let them react without getting in Hurry.

Take a sip and see in this Reaction,
The Reactants forming Products,
And your Perspiration bringing the Ph to Neutral,
Worries get away from your Mind, Body and the Skull.

But don’t be so afraid of this Chemistry.
Work hard and your troubles will be History.
Chemistry was, and is still a Mystery.


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