I Lost The Battle I Didn't Fight

There are stories which don't end positively, Promises To Keep is one of them. The poem meets the light when out of the tunnel...This one is in continuation of Promises To Keep, one of my favourite works.

Kept climbing the Mountain,
Without counting what I Attained.

Keeping only the peak in my Brain,
I tackled the weather and the ruthless Terrain.

Reached the top hoping to find what was Needed,
With a desire to reap the fruit that was Seeded.

But, luck turned out not to be in my Favour,
Hopes in vain and in the drain are Endeavours.

The top is Reached,
I have got what was set to be Achieved,
But, she is not there to witness and Receive.

She had left the place before I could Speak,
Couldn't confess my love, all I'm left is to Weep.

I lost the battle that I didn't Fight,
Time gave a slap that was so Tight.

Threw me down the mountain that seemed to be a Lie,
Fell on the heart and agony was High.

She went away, and left the barren Land,
Lost her like sand out of the tight Hand.

Had I expressed earlier, it wouldn't have been Late,
Neither would have been this misery nor closed Gates.

I lost the battle that I didn't Fight,
Crashed with the plane that was on remarkable Height.

I fostered my love for several Years,
Thus, it gave days of weeping and a river of Tears.

I begged God to let me at least Fight,
Life's difficult for the broken heart and painful is the Plight.

The more I went closer, the faster she Ran,
God sending omens for his antagonistic Plan.

Heart beat is racing to tell her what I Feel,
God is intervening and my doors are Sealed.

Got the pain from a person who was Dear,
Something I have to deal with and forever Bear.

I lost the battle I didn't Fight,
Time gave a slap that was so Tight.


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